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        I do stuff, so you can do more.

        Mithril & Mages is a playground -- one with awesome toys. I write utilities -- things that allow others to be awesome. I call them inspiration generators. So many people get stuck on an idea and need a name, a pile of treasure or a monster to move them forward. This is my attempt to make that happen.

        Random results are not an end-point. They are the end of a pier -- a place where you can untie from the dock and begin a journey. No matter if you are after a name or a pile of treasure, many unanswered questions remain. Who is this person? What befell the creature who left this treasure or are they still alive? Why does this set of monsters still retain control of this land?


        Random name generators for a variety of needs.


        Random bank names from the United States.

        Business Names

        Random business names from the United States.


        Random city names from over 100 countries.

        Hotels & Motels

        Random hotel, motel, and bed & breakfast names from the modern era.

        Inns & Taverns

        Generate thousands of fantasy style inn and tavern names.


        Generate random names for people from the medieval and rennaissance eras.


        Need a character name from the Modern Age? This is the place.

        Natural Features

        A collection of names for naturally occuring geographic features.

        Old West

        Random names for characters from the Old West (1860-1890).

        Populated Features

        Generate random names from over two dozen categories of man-made geographic features.


        Random names for bars, restaurants, and other food establishments from the U.S.

        Ships & Boats

        Random names for sea-faring vessels from the early 1900's until today.

        Streets and Roads

        Street and road name generation.

        Anagram Engine

        Gygax inspired anagrams for names.

        Prefer to browse LISTS of names?

        Cities Medieval Names Modern Names Wild West Names


        Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ 1E

        Utilities for the creation of treasure, spell books, scrolls and NPC's.

        BareBones™ Fantasy

        Generate NPC's and Adventure Ideas.

        Labyrinth Lord™

        Multiple generators covering a diverse range of information.

        System Agnostic

        A variety of tools that can be applied to any role playing game.

        Dice Roller

        My variant of the classic dice roller for roleplaying games.

        Esoteric Creature Generator

        An automated approach to the Random, Esoteric Creature Generator from Goodman Games.


        Random non-player characters for the ROTWORLD™ system.


        Lifepath & Fast and Dirty Expendable Generators [external site]

        View all of the Role Playing utilities on the RPG page



        Random Utilities using Modern Datasets.


        Random or by category generation of business types for the modern era.

        City Block Generator

        Generate a random block of business, residences, and industrial sites.


        Generate a random college major or advanced degree.

        Criminal History

        What crimes the antagonist or protagonist committed?


        What job does the NPC hold? Generate random occupations for the modern age.


        A random selection of wounds, diseases and other afflictions.

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